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II am a qualified Grade 6 Approved Driving Instructor providing driving lessons. My main Driving School website is operating in East London and Essex since year 2000, also teacher in ICT, Lecturer in Teacher Training - 7407 and NVQ Assessor(A1).

Born in Chennai (Madras) India brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, three children and two pets, yes and a goldfish!

I have been providing driving lessons in East London and Essex, both learner drivers and trainee driving instructors since year 2000. My large client base and numerous repeat customers referrals are a testament to the success of my training program. I am very understanding and able to adapt to student’s needs, especially the 40+ age group and English as 2nd language(foreign student). My regular customers particularly value the One 2 One lesson, good Instructional skills and professionalism.

If you are still not sure, why not take my 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back deal or simply give me a call for a free no obligation consultation.

If you are not familiar with my company and your first contact with me is on-line: I would be pleased to hear from you! Please let me know what your needs and questions are, I will be more than happy to help.

Mr Noel Christopher Grade 6 ADI

Approved Driving Instructor by the DSA since year 2000

Noel Christopher

Approved Driving Instructor

“As a defensive driver you will learn to control your vehicle with precision, drive with concentration, awareness, anticipate safety margin. STAYING ALIVE !”

East London Driving School

Students Testimonials

I can’t believe I have passed my driving test! Well I should because if you got an instructor like Noel, I mean if Noel’s your instructor your guaranteed a pass.

All you have to do is just listen to Noel he knows what he is saying and doing.

I used to take 1 hr driving lessons then after passing my theory test, I started to take 1.5 hr, the half hour really did help.

Noel you are one person “I” WILL NEVER FORGET in my life.

Thank you very very much