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Learn to drive and pass your driving test ....

In these photo gallery are some of my students who have learnt with me and have taken driving lessons in East London or Essex areas. They have also provided they testimonials, please click for more >>

Students Testimonials

Hi Noel

Once again, I really like to thank you for your help in passing my driving test exam.

As an experienced driver, I thought about not taking any driving lessons as I have more then 10 years experience in driving. But, at the end, I decided to get some driving lessons – Just For Fun.


Now, I think, my decision was right as these driving lessons really helped me to prepare for the test. Although I have taken only 5 hours of training from Noel for the practical driving test, these hours were the difference for getting a pass result.

Your tactics to deal an experienced driver were very good and the structure of course to complete my preparation in very short span of time was excellent.

Therefore, as I said to you before, it was the money worth spent ....Thanks.



R. Durrani

Student Testimonials
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