Driving Lesson plans outline for the drivers.

Practical Driving Lesson Plans 2020

The purpose of the lesson plan is to help both the learners and driving instructors to monitor learning and to ensure all the main subjects are covered. Recommendation by the DVSA.

What do you get!

  • One 2 One in-car training – only one student at any time
  • DSA lesson plans
  • Logbook
  • A full hour or period off (1.5 hour – day courses)
  • Constructive on road learning activities
  • In-car theory and hazard perception training
  • Assessment throughout the course
  • Mock Test
  • Car for use on the test day if required and eligible*. Please call for further info

Getting Started.

Driving progress record plan

Learning the basics car controls

Main skills in this section:

  • Cockpit Drill

Getting ready to drive

Main skills in this section:

  • Mirrors – signal – manoeuvre, position – speed – look
  • Using mirrors
  • Using signals
  • Using controls and instruments
  • Moving away and stopping
  • Safe positioning
  • Anticipating and planning
  • Use of speed
  • keeping the car secure

Driving awareness

Main skills in this section:

  • Meeting and crossing traffic
  • Overtaking
  • Junctions
  • Using roundabouts
  • Approaching pedestrian crossings


Main skills in this section:

  • Reversing in a straight line, reversing left or right
  • Turning the car around
  • Parking
  • Emergency stop

Road types

Main skills in this section:

  • Country roads
  • Towns and cities
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

Driving conditions

Main skills in this section:

  • Driving in the dark
  • Driving on wet roads and in bad weather
  • Driving in bright sunshine


Main skills in this section:

  • Using a sat nav
  • Driving using instructions from a passenger
  • Planning and navigating a route

Show me Tell me

Main skills in this section:

  • Inside the car
  • Outside the car