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I haven't driven in this country before, but after some

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International Driver

INoel is a patient instructor not only did I learn skills that I felt I hadn't been taught in the . More >>


Learner Driver

Kind and understanding.You were always happy to explaine the mistakes in a friendly ...... More >>


Testimonial by John Gladney

From stalling my way around side streets at a terrifying 5 mph, through the sudden realisation that getting out of second doesn't mean I loose control of the car, regularly stopping off at that frustrating place where the manoeuvres which were so easy the week before are now apparently impossible, to final disbelief at hearing my tester inform me that I've passed the driving test at my first attempt, I've only ever used one driving instructor.

I've found Noel Christopher an excellent teacher and while I've heard numerous friends and colleagues describe their own experiences of bouncing from one instructor to another, searching for someone who is able to offer effective tuition, this isn't something I ever felt I needed to do.

… have valued the way he has gradually instilled me with confidence .....................

Driver Testimonials

Welcome to driving school in Dagenham  and East Dagenham Essex. Driving lessons from *£10.50 per hour with an Grade 6 Driving Instructor. One to one driving lesson from start to finish. One hour driving lesson, to intensive driving lessons for Dagenham by an Grade 6 approved Driving Instructor  Noel Christopher.

Noel Christopher Grade 6 Driving Instructor

Did you know only 5% out of over 50,000 instructors are grade 6  so learn with the best of the best

Click here for info about grade 6 driving instructors

A unique cheap driving lesson without cutting corners. I am able to do this because I am an independent driving instructor and my over head’s are low.

Each driving lesson in Dagenham comes with unique money back Guarantee. So I put my money where my mouth is, have you seen this type of offer anywhere in the driving school industry?”

Your search for quality driving schools and instructors in Dagenham is nearly over. I will teach you the art of, how to memories difficult tasks using the power of visualisation and talk through to overcome fear.

The great Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”.

The number one reason why learner drivers fail their driving test is fear of the unknown and someone watching you over every step of the way. You will learn how to change your thought vibrations during your driving lessons to increase confidence and driving skills before your driving test. Click here to see what people say about Dagenham driving school.

You will learn to drive in round the Dagenham - Upney - Ilford - Goodmayes and the local DSA TEST routes like Goodmayes and Barking. Just as you know your home town routes, which will help you to stay focused throughout the driving test.

This driving school can provide driving lessons in  - Chadwell Heath and Becontree

I will help you to build your driving skills to and above the DSA standard, which will give you the confident, correct attitude and skills to pass your driving test the first time in Barking, Goodmayes or Tilbury test centres

Why not read, what the students’ have to say about this driving school and its instructor Noel Christopher (see my unique money back guarantee service)

“I am very grateful to Noel and I’d recommend him to anyone considering learning to drive. He’s considerate to your individual needs, he makes the time and effort to give you guidance and he doesn’t charge extortionate prices like some driving schools!” Click here for more info

Why you need me as your driving instructor to learn to drive;


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How  do you find a good driving instructor in your area

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Driving Instructors Training Courses with an Grade 6 Driving Instructor for

London and Essex UK

Noel Christopher
Grade 6
Driving Instructor

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