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Ldriver Driving School. Driving Instructor Since the Year 2000, with years of experience.

Noel has achieved the highest A Grade possible awarded by the (DSA) Driving Standard Agency

He also specialises in:


Nervous driver


Driving test fear


Driving anxiety


Driving phobias


Extended driving test

Teaching his clients just like you! How to utilise his powerful learning strategies called Mental Visual Rehearsal Program techniques (M.V.R.P) to dramatically increase learning to drive and pass 1st time.

‘Practice doesn’t make you perfect but correct practice what makes you perfect‘

Plus using the Narrative techniques Developed over the last two decades since the year 2000

Noel Christopher Driving Instructor

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“From stalling my way around side streets at a terrifying 5 mph, through the sudden realisation that getting out of second doesn’t mean I loose control of the car, regularly stopping off at that frustrating place where the manoeuvres which were so easy the week before are now apparently impossible, to final disbelief at hearing my tester inform me that I’ve passed the driving test at my first attempt, I’ve only ever used one driving instructor.

I’ve found Noel Christopher an excellent teacher and while I’ve heard numerous friends and colleagues describe their own experiences …”

John Gladney

 “Hi, my name is Heather I live in Upminster I started driving lessons with Noel when I was around 18 weeks pregnant.

I decided to do my lessons with Instructor Noel after seeing very good feedback on his website and I am very glad I chose him. He is a very good teacher, always very patient throughout my lessons and gave me great techniques for handling difficult situations.”



Noel Christopher Approved Driving instructors School

Our driving instructors are associates and are independent. 

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